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FAIR4Health Consortium

Software Research and Development Consultancy A. S. (SRDC) was founded by a professional team of engineers directed by Prof. Asuman Dogac in Middle East Technical University (METU) Technopolis in 2007.

SRDC Ltd. was founded by a professional team of engineers directed by Prof. Asuman Dogac in Middle East Technical University (METU) Technopolis in 2007. SRDC is a spin-off company of the METU Software Research and Development Center, which was founded in 1991 with the support of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and METU Faculty of Engineering. A majority of the team hold PhD and MSc degrees in Computer Engineering at METU, and the remaining are progressing. SRDC enjoys strong backing from the university for transferring the R&D efforts to the industry and public administrations.

We perform R&D activities both for developing brand new products and services and for innovative improvement of existing products and services. We have extensive expertise in large-scale software development, interoperability standards and enabling technologies, semantic Web technologies, interoperability solutions for e-health, e-government and e-business domains, data analytics, conformance and interoperability testing, and mobile application development. SRDC team has been working in the e-health domain since 2003, and so far has developed several clinical decision support systems for both health professionals and patients related with Cardiovascular problems, diabetes and arthritis. Recently, SRDC has implemented an integrated care platform through which multi-disciplinary care team members can collaboratively create and manage care plans for patient suffering from multiple chronic conditions. SRDC has implemented an HL7 FHIR based secure data repository, which can handle records of millions of patients without compromising for write or query performance.

SRDC is also expert in achieving semantic interoperability in eHealth domain. Recently in the SALUS project which is coordinated by SRDC, SRDC has developed a scalable semantic interoperability middleware integrating clinical care and clinical research domains, and on top of this middleware implemented several post market safety study tools such as case series characterisation and open-ended temporal pattern discovery to be used by safety analysts working at pharmacovigilance centres and pharmaceutical companies. SALUS interoperability solutions and post market safety study tools have been deployed in real-life settings on top of enormous regional and institutional Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. As an example, the data warehouse of Lombardy Region on top of which SALUS solutions have been successfully deployed contains 16 million patients with 500 million ambulatory, 30 million hospitalisation, 275 million prescription and 35 million vaccination records. More than one million lines of code have been implemented in SALUS.

Recently SRDC has developed a Health Data Ingestion Stack providing a package of adapters feeding data extracted from sensor data streams, real-time activity tracking devices, medical events from Healthcare Information Systems and historical medical summaries in to the Big Data Platform via international standards such as Continua Health Alliance, and HL7 CDA, HL7 FHIR to be used readily by health data analytics services. SRDC has also been responsible for developing security and privacy mechanisms in many of R&D projects, including the ones mentioned above. As an SME, SRDC is very much into exploitation of the tools that are developed within R&D projects; both commercially and through open-source distribution. In order to improve their business model creation and marketing processes, SRDC participates to technology accelerator programs.