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FAIR4Health is involved in the organisation of the RDA WG on Raising FAIRness in health data and health research performing organisations

The 17th Plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance has taken place 20-23 April 2021. The Digital Curation Centre in collaboration with Jisc and UKRI will be hosting RDA'S 17th Plenary meeting on 20-23 April 2021.

The virtual session for this Working Group on "Raising FAIRness in health data and health research performing organisations" was 20 April at 10:15 UTC, with a repeat session 22 April 2021 at 23 UTC. 

That meeting primarily demonstrates the ongoing tasks that were outlined in the case statement. Specifically, we have discussed the global landscape analysis of FAIR adoption which was initiated by the co-chairs and which requires input and review from the WG and the community. After officially kicking off the WG at VP16, we anticipate nearing completion of this landscape analysis. Based on the initial findings from this report, we have used the meeting to also discuss the other concurrent tasks of (1) impact assessment of any identified barriers, and (2) analysis of national and international level policies and guidelines. These latter two tasks are projected to run further on compared to the landscape analysis and this meeting will be used to discuss how this time should be managed and to invite participation from WG members.


1. Introduction and objectives of this meeting.

2. Background of the WG and results of previous meetings.

3. Results of landscape analysis: process followed and current status.

4. FAIRness for HL7 FHIR.

5. General discussion.

6. Next steps.

The aim of this WG is to create a global analysis of FAIR data policies and to subsequently draw on commonalities to propose to HRPOs a set of guidelines (RDA outputs or recommendations) that can be utilised by HRPOs in their local contexts to address FAIRification of their research data.

The chairs of this WG thank the audience for their contributions!

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