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In the context of the COVID19 outbreak, the need to reuse data and share the results of health research is essential to speed up research to mitigate the impact of the disease and eventually eradicate it. This challenge is the focus of the FAIR4Health project

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) has agreed with European Commission has constituted the COVID19 Working Group, with the aim of defining detailed guidelines on data sharing under the present COVID19 circumstances to help stakeholders follow best practices to maximize the efficiency of their work, developing guidelines for policymakers to maximize timely data sharing and appropriate responses in such health emergencies and to address the interests of researchers, policymakers, funders, publishers, and providers of data sharing infrastructures. This Working Group operates according to the RDA guiding principles of Openness, Consensus, Balance, Harmonization, Community-driven, Non-profit, and technology-neutral and is OPEN TO ALL. This group is part of the joint activities carried out by CODATA, GO FAIR, RDA, and WDS under their Data Together statement [].

Eva Mendez from the University Carlos III of Madrid is a co-moderator of the RDA-COVID19-Community-participation Sub-Working Group, focusing on the Community Participation [].

Besides, the FAIR4Health coordinator, Carlos Luis Parra-Calderón from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), is one of the co-editors of the RDA-COVID19-Epidemiology Sub-Working Group, in order to work on recommendations for producing, sharing, and using COVID19 Epidemiology data [].

Likewise, Thordis Sveinsdottir from the University of Edinburgh is part, together with Carlos Luis Parra-Calderón, of the Teamwork on cross-cutting Ethical/legal resources/recommendations that reports to the Subgroup of Coordination of COVID19.

At the present time, the result of the WG is a set of Recommendations and Guidelines for improving data sharing on behalf of the European Commission in consecutive versions that will be available immediately. The publication of these recommendations can be reviewed in the following repository: