• Location:

    Helsinki, Finland

  • Start Date:

    October 23, 2019

  • End Date:

    October 25, 2019

  • Summary:

    FAIR4Health will present a Birds of Feather workshop entitled "Guidelines for Health Research Performing Organizations (HRPOs) to implement a FAIR data policy" at the 14th RDA Plenary

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From October 23, 2019 to October 25, 2019

Event Description

RDA 14th Plenary in Finland brings together data experts in research, industry and policy-making from all around the world and from all disciplines under the theme Data Makes the Difference. With this theme, the meeting addresses the extensive potential of research data in improving decision making, tackling grand societal challenges, and engaging citizens in the creation of knowledge and betterment of society. 

Data has enormous and diverse potential to change how we work, make decisions and empower citizens. The 14th RDA plenary will explore the extensive ways data can make the difference by bringing together diverse group of experts from all around the globe. During the plenary we will share and learn together and advance our abilities to use data in making a positive impact in the world to tackle its complex challenges.

Furthermore, the BoF that will be displayed has three main objectives: 

  • To present and gather feedback regarding the advances made by the EU H2020 FAIR4Health project on the Guidelines for FAIR/Open data policy implementation in health research in terms of ethical issues, legal framework in EU, security and data privacy, as well as cultural barriers and technical considerations.
  • To uncover similar international initiatives and projects and seek to promote convergence and coordination across our work at different levels (align strategies, coordinate operations, exchange project outputs).
  • To advance and narrow down the scope of collaborations with related WG/IG such as Reproducible Health Data Services WG, Health Data IG and Blockchain Applications in Health WG.

Finally, the Plenary is co-hosted by Research Data Alliance Finland, CSC - IT Centre for Science, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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